Capture Your Best Catches and Contribute to Our Fishing Records

We invite you to showcase your fishing success and become part of our angling community by submitting your catch details. At The Pond @ Lamp-post Manor, we value the collective efforts of our anglers in maintaining the health of our pond and promoting the growth and reproduction of fish species. Your contributions not only allow us to track the thriving ecosystem but also offer insights for fellow anglers to improve their techniques and increase their chances of a memorable catch.

To share your fishing triumphs, simply submit the following information:

  1. Photos: Capture the magic of your best catches by submitting high-quality photographs. A picture truly speaks a thousand words and allows us to celebrate your success alongside you.

  2. Sizes: Include the size of your catch to give us a sense of the diversity and growth patterns of the fish species in our pond. Whether you reel in a colossal bass or a graceful trout, we appreciate every measurement you provide.

  3. Time of Day: Tell us the time of day when you made your remarkable catch. Was it an early morning expedition or an evening adventure? Your input helps us understand the optimal fishing times and adjust our angling recommendations accordingly.

  4. Lure Used: Share the secret to your success by revealing the lure that enticed your catch. Whether it's a vibrant fly, a meticulously crafted spinner, or a trusty worm, your lure choice inspires and educates fellow anglers in their pursuit of a rewarding fishing experience.

To ensure the long-term health and sustainability of our pond, we kindly request that anglers fish no more than twice a week. This practice promotes fish growth and reproduction, allowing future generations to enjoy the thrill of fishing in a thriving ecosystem. By adhering to this guideline, we collectively contribute to the preservation of our pond and foster a sustainable angling community.

Join us in capturing the essence of The Pond @ Lamp-post Manor and sharing your fishing achievements. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of nature, the joy of angling, and the spirit of community.

Submit your best catches today and become a part of our fishing records!

Happy fishing,

The Pond @ Lamp-post Manor Team